Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Worst Nightmare EVER =(

I know this happened a long time ago but I'm still shaken up about it if you all guessed the tornado you win a story about HOW FUDGING SCARED I WAS sorry any way it started in my room i looked out my window and felt a weird felling that i should have in a emergency box so i made on then i looked out the window again the sky got pretty dark not because it was night time (OK just to let you know i hate tornado's) and then i walked down stairs because soon it would be diner time when i walked downstairs i hered BOOM and i jumped i ran to my dad and he said we might have some bad weather OK never EVER TELL ME THAT bad and weather should never go together so i got scared and grabbed my safety box it started raining...HARD i went to my mom she said because of the weather it might create a tornado AGAIN DON'T SAY THAT so first thing i did when she said that i grabbed my team (its a team of special baby things) grabbed my box and as fast as my little legs can Cary me i ran to the basement so in my basement there is a room that gos deeper into the basement its called the unfinished part i was going to go there but i thought i hered a mouse and FYI i am not afraid of mice i just did not want to suffer from rabies so i went under the craft table so i set up my little panic area then after about 10 minutes my sister came down she brought her art stuff because she likes to do that she said we were fine and there was not going to be a tornado in February SURE RIGHT OK of course as a good little sister i did NOT believe her and continued panicking and she said i should come out i said no of course and then i went back of stairs why i don't know i saw my dad getting of with a worried expression on his face that scared me and i asked why are you getting up were are you going and he said to the basement and shakily i felt my inside get tide and i fet really warm and my stomach twisted and then he said the words i NEVER WANTED TO HEAR he said Katie...there is a tornado watch and boom there it went i felt like i was going to pass out i ran to the basement and was going to the unfinished part my sister asked what was i doing i said going to the unfinished part and she said with the mouse I DID NOT CARE ABOUT ANY ANIMALS RIGHT THEN i said yes with tears in my eyes she said i have no reason to go down there and i said Danielle there is a tornado watch and she was like its 60 degrees its February and she got interrupted my dad going down stairs then she was like oh and i went to the unfinished part set down a blanket and prayed and prayed i grabbed my Ipod and turned up the music but that was not enough the storm or tornado got louder and louder then i herd it stop then BOOM i fet the house shake i stood there in shock thinking my house shook my house SHOOK after a wile my dad finally called for me and i went to see what he needed he said is there anything he could do to make me fell better then i burst out into tears saying i what him down there holding me saying it will be OK he agreed and followed me to the unfinished part we saw there was no room for him so we pushed a broken airplane out of the way and through down a bed comforter and we laid on it he was watching his ipad and said he will keep watching the tornado then i made my self pass out (its a cool trick i could do) and fell asleep then my dad screamed GOOD NEWS THE TORNADO STOP ED then all that fear stoped and i started crying hard and saying daddy we could of gotten hurt and he said but we didn't then we went up stairs and had meatloaf it was all good and there you have it folks that is how i survived a tornado

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